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Toiletry Pack

Toiletry Pack

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At the Steel Hose, we've made it our duty to ensure inmates always feel fresh during their stay in our establishment.
Enter the Steel Hose Toiletry Kit, your new accomplice in hygiene.

Crack open the seal of your Steel Hose toiletries kit to reveal:
A pair of velvety-smooth 100% cotton boxers designed by The Priest ensures divine comfort for your nether regions.
Bid farewell to the Shower Olympics – our soap on a rope means no more spontaneous dance routines.
The Celgate toothbrush is your go-to tool for dental brilliance and spontaneous DIY tattoo endeavours.
Secure your front-row seat to the Shit Show with a roll of 'Access-All-Areas' Shit Tickets.
Lastly, share the joy with STEEL HOSE postcards, making your loved ones question their life choices.

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